Translated from Dutch:

In the US, babies when they are two months old receive a DPT prick, Hib prick, a pneumococcal prick, a hepatitis B prick, a polio jack and a rotavirus shot. So six injections. The pediatrician gets $ 240 for that. On average, a pediatrician vaccinates 30 to 40 babies per month. And all those babies come back for a new round of pricks after four months, six months, nine months, 12 months, 15 months and two years. Older children also receive a number of boosters. Calculate.

So it’s just about the number of babies you vaccinate, not the health of the babies, Thomas notes.

Doctor license revoked

He compared to vaccinated and unvaccinated patients and discovered that the non-vaccinees were perfectly healthy and rarely became ill. Furthermore, they hardly ever ended up in the emergency room or in the hospital.

Thomas hired an expert to collect all data from all his patients. Of these, 2700 were vaccinated and 560 were unvaccinated. Vaccinated children experienced asthma, eczema, ADHD, breathing problems, behavioral problems and all kinds of other conditions than unvaccinated children. In 10 years, he never had an unvaccinated child with ADHD in his practice.

After publishing his research results, his doctor’s license was revoked.

Unvaccinated children are therefore perfectly healthy, but that does not make the industry any money. “ Every care system should want that, but it is exactly the other way around. It is bizarre. ”

About the author: Robin de Boer is an economic geographer. Follow him here on Substack.