NOTE: I have not taken the time yet to verify any of the claims here. I am still posting this one because – for many reasons – it rings of truth. I’ll leave it up to you.

Wow! I thought this video would merely confirm everything I assumed about how and why the vax is poisonous. But it goes further and in a different direction! Moreover, this highly trained researcher explains things in a really easy-to-get way! Finally, many things he said were a bit surprising and “clicked” for me to explain an increase in certain behaviors I’d noticed lately!

For example, regarding one of the potential side-effects of the vax being an attack on reproductive organs. He goes past that, explaining how an epigenetic affect is occurring simultaneously, which is to attack even our sexual preferences so as to inhibit reproduction, including homosexuality! Imagine an mRNA injection that decreases attraction to the opposite sex while increasing attraction to same sex!

Finally, he provides some methods people can use to “clean up” some of the damage.

And there’s more! But I’ll stop the spoilers.