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Sit back, grab some popcorn 🍿 while we review all the things we said two years ago that turned out to be true.

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—————Show Notes——————

0:00 Intro
00:25 #1 Everyone’s risk of dying is the same, they say
03:55 #2 Nutrition and exercise have nothing to do with the virus.
07:05 #3 Use cases to gauge the trajectory of the pandemic
09:05 #4 Mandates and restrictions are the solution.
14:40 #5 We don’t have time to get healthy.
18:18 #6 All masks are equally effective
20:00 #7 Media fear mongering does no harm.
23:23 #8 The indirect effects of the virus to young people are less harmful than the direct effects of the virus.
26:29 #10 The virus is going to be eradicated, just like smallpox and polio
28:39 #11 Promoting healthy living causes vaccine hesitancy.
30:19 #12 Natural immunity is not durable. vaccine.
32:25 #13 People in the hospital are there because they have the rona
33:50 #14 Closing fitness centers and gyms will help flatten the curve.
24:59 #15 Closing schools is a good idea.
36:25 #15.5 Lockdowns were necessary.
37:54 #16 Voter ID is racist, but a vaccine passport is equitable
39:30 Public health is designed to maximize the quality adjusted life years of a population.