It’s common knowledge the air quality in China is crisis-level bad. I wonder how many know Italy has the same issue and is considered “worst in Europe” in terms of air quality? The article below is one of many talking about this.

How does this relate to Covid-19? Remember the use of Italy as a “See? Covid is a big deal,” before it “hit” the USA? What if there is more to the story than the main stream fear-monger media want us to know?

More Covid-19 facts

(1) Fauci bungled AIDS/HIV research
(2) Media is not reporting on cures
(3) Yes, hospitals get paid more for CV-19 coded patients, even if not tested
(4) Mar 2020 – CDC to docs: record cause of death as “CV-19” if test showed ANY trace
(5) Healthy people have less than 0.001% chance of dying from CV-19
(6) Chairman of biotech firm selling Covid tests admits…
(7) CDC is a vaccine company
(8) Masks can increase risk
(9) What do China and Italy have in common? Crisis-level air pollution.