Dr. Ryan Cole, certified Anatomic Clinical Pathologist, expert in Immunology and Virology, and licensed in 12 states. He runs the largest independent laboratory in Idaho:

Those vaccinated [show] early signs of decreases in T-cells CD8, (similar to HIV/AIDS, reduction in CD4 cells). “Looking like a reverse HIV”. Uptick in numerous viruses, those over 50, a 20x increase of Molluscum Contagiosum and Endometrial Cancer due to low CD8 immune cells.

200x increase in irreversible heart damage to young males.

FDA can’t approve vaccine with over 25 deaths, now recorded vaccine deaths over 9,000+. Talks about numerous failed vaccine trails on animals, side effects of immune priming via vaccination, and numerous cases of vaccinated having delta variant.

Positives like early treatments, natural immunity, success rates of Ivermectin, and a plan of hope, immune wellness, vs fear, suffering and vaccine.

Lastly, Pfizer and Moderna don’t contain, but were developed on, aborted fetal cells, and J&J is grown on aborted fetal cells.