Mainstream media is not reporting on the many natural cures that are proven to work against Covid 19, including mega dosing and/or intravenous Vitamin C therapy, zinc, Vitamin D, as well as hydroxy-chloroquine, which is available in natural form and as a chemical.

Keeping your immune system strong is rarely, if ever, mentioned in mainstream media.

Vitamin C Cuts COVID Deaths by Two-Thirds

“These results are especially important when case reports in American ICUs using 12,000 mg of vitamin C show almost no deaths in anyone without a pre-existing end stage disease already and also over 85, [3] and a British ICU using 2,000 mg of vitamin C have reported the lowest mortality of all ICUs in the UK, cutting deaths by a quarter.”

“One ICU in Barcelona found 17 out of 18 patients had ‘undetectable’ vitamin C levels, akin to scurvy. [6] Another, in the US, found almost all their patients were vitamin C deficient but those who didn’t survive had much lower levels than those who did.”


Is it possible that the Wuhan Chinese Shanghai Coronavirus is simply scurvy?

More Covid-19 facts

(1) Healthy people have less than 0.005% chance of dying from CV-19
(2) Mar 2020 – CDC to docs: record cause of death as “CV-19” if test showed ANY trace
(3) Chairman of biotech firm selling Covid tests admits…
(4) Media is not reporting on natural cures
(5) CDC is a vaccine company
(6) Masks can increase risk
(7) Covid 19 is a PLANdemic
(8) Covid-19 was developed in China